About Us

About Victor

Biking and shooting.

Victor Lucas is a freelance photographer and videographer, specializing in mountain biking and adventure sports, for magazines and commercial clients worldwide.

Over the last 12 years, Victor has contributed to just about every mountain biking magazine there is, but he's probably most famous for his photos and stories in DIRT magazine.

‘My summers are really hectic, chasing around the globe to capture the highs and lows of the worlds’ best Downhill, Cross Country and Enduro events. My winter season is a little more relaxed and it’s the perfect time to explore new locations and find opportunities for inspiring photos and stories. It’s also a good time to ride my bike and avoid the cold, dark and damp Irish winter!’

‘For me, it’s clear that devices like the iPhone and the iPad will revolutionize the way we all enjoy what’s happening in the world of Mountain Biking – whether it’s a stunning photo, a mind-blowing video or a story that inspires - it’s all available instantly in digital form. So when the Lowdown team approached me to work with them on this project, I was delighted. The things that get me excited are talented people, amazing places and the adrenalin pumping action of sports, thankfully the Lowdown team feels the same way and I'm proud that we've managed to capture that energy and passion in Lowdown MTB. There are so many fun things we could do with this app, it’s going to be interesting to see where it brings us.’

About Lowdown

The small team with big dreams.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Lowdown is a small studio of app developers. We set up with one goal: Make good apps. Built from the ground up specifically for iOS. Just pure, nativley developed and lovingly crafted apps for the discerning sports enthusiast.